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Our Personalized Hearing Care

Basic hearing care services

Consulting with a Ph.D. in hearing science and an M.S. in electrical engineering with more than 25 years of experience

Treatment tailored to your personal lifestyle and overall situations

Nationally recognized AudigyCertified service program

Access to all hearing aid brands, the newest technologies, and complete options

Loss, damage, and repair warranty up to 4 years

Comprehensive Real-ear measurement

Digital video otoscopy ear exam

Ear wax removal available

Convenient priority appointment times

Walk-in and same-day appointments available

Stay home telecare, and curbside services

In-home hearing care (house call) available

Comprehensive tinnitus consultation and treatment

Annual hearing test and adjustment

Unlimited follow-up appointments

Leasing available via AGX Secure

Financing available (no interest option available)

Service all make hearing aids

Service legacy hearing aids

The Difference Our Patients Have Noticed

  • Losing our hearing creeps in like a thief in the night. When our family became tired of repeating, they reminded me to get my hearing tested. We thought their voice was becoming weak. Reading a full page ad prompted me to call.
    I later discovered Dr. Jerry Zhou, Ph.D., was equipped to bring his office to me. A typical Minnesota winter discouraged an 86-year-old from braving it. I could try the hearing aids that he furnished. He continued to drop by to make adjustments. The day I first opened the windows I heard the birds singing. How sweet the sound! I did not know there were so many birds on fifth floor.

    I could then understand my husband's soft voice. I listened for his sweet nothings. I am very pleased with the service Dr. Zhou provides. I never miss a compliment nor an invitation to dinner now.

    A Satisfied Owner

  • I first learned of Dr. Zhou and his in-home hearing services from an article in the business section of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. I am relatively young compared to most hard-of-hearing people, working full time and managing an incredibly active household. So his offer to come to my office to test my hearing and discuss my options was inviting. I saw it as a time-saver.
    Dr. Zhou did so much more than save me time and test my hearing! He educated me on the latest research and devices for hearing loss and fitted me with hearing aids that are far superior to any hearing aids I have used previously.

    My family and co-workers comment on the difference. I feel more confident in group settings and in meetings. I no longer need to strategically choose my place at a meeting so that I am facing the soft-spoken participants. Listening isn’t nearly as much work as it once was; I can relax and enjoy interacting with people. Dr. Zhou has stayed in close touch since I started wearing his hearing aids seven months ago. His service is incredible. He tweaks and adjusts the functions to suit my lifestyle. What a difference this has made in my life!


  • For many years I had been bothered by ringing in my ears. I have tried a variety of devices but nothing ever helped. That is, until Dr. Zhou encouraged me to try a new product that his company had just brought to market. It was like a miracle. Almost as soon as I tried it, the ringing in my ear went away. I had not experienced quiet for two decades and now I am thankful for the peace it brings. Thank you, Dr. Zhou.


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