Residential St Paul Area Hearing Services

​If you live in an assisted living or nursing home environment, or you have difficulty coming to one of our locations, we totally understand your special need, so we provide in-home services in the Twin City metropolitan area of Minnesota.

We use our state-of-the-art computerized miniature equipment and digital hearing aid mobile technology. We will come to you with our mobile testing equipment. We’ll be happy to see you at a time that is convenient for you. All we need is a quiet room to test your hearing in. However, we do ask if you have pets in the house to please keep them away and quiet. To arrange an in-home visit for a consultation, simply contact us by phone or click below to send us a message.


Why don’t more hearing clinics offer at-home service?

Dr. Zhou performing a hearing test in a patient's homeIn working with mostly elders, we discovered the needs of those who experience difficulties to come to clinics. We don’t want you to be left out. You don’t have to suffer from the isolation from the sound world and speech world. You deserve to hear better to enjoy better lives just as anybody else who have the mobility to visit us for hearing care services.

We have purchased state-of-the-art ultra-miniature audiometer and tools necessary for us to come to your living place to evaluate your hearing. The digital hearing aid technology and new development of open-fit and RIC products made it possible for us to deliver the practical quality hearing solution to you right in your living place!

The reason that only we are offering this wonderful convenience service is we have identified a unique way to cut down the cost of the mobile services. We can pass on the savings to our patients!

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