Rechargeable Technology

AGXR RIC Hearing Aid

Rechargeable Technology

An illustration of an ear with an RIC
  • Quickly personalize sound settings on the fly and tag them to a location

  • Saved settings automatically return when you enter that location again

  • Stream music, video, and FaceTime® audio from your iPhone® to your ears

  • Easily find lost hearing aids using the Find My Hearing Aids feature

About this Technology:

In today’s world, rechargeability is already a part of your life. Why should hearing aids be any different? Currently available in Receiver in Canal, In the Canal, and In the Ear styles, this feature is bound to make powering your devices more convenient. Your hearing aids will use a lithium-ion battery, just like a cell phone, that you can charge overnight. With battery life to last through the day, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re keeping disposable batteries out of the landfill. As a bonus, if your dexterity changes, you don’t have to worry about changing small button batteries in your hearing aid.

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