Dr. Zhou strongly believes in education.

He provides very popular educational seminars to senior living communities, city community centers, senior care professionals, and any other groups interested. These seminars are free of charge.​


Topics include but are not limited to:

  • How the ear works

  • Hearing loss causes

  • Impact of hearing loss

  • Why it is difficult hearing in noise

  • New hearing aid technologies

  • Communication tips for the hard of hearing

  • Communication tips for the speaker

  • Communication environments

  • How to choose a hearing care professional

  • In-home hearing care services

A seminar lasts about an hour, and topics are combined and customized for each individual seminar.


Attendee's comments on Dr. Zhou's educational hearing seminars

Dr. Zhou has conducted free hearing seminars in many senior living communities.

The following are the attendees' comments:

  • "Very helpful"

  • "Very informative. Provided everything I needed"

  • "Interesting"

  • "Enjoyed your information"

  • "Very good information"

  • "Great info, very well presented"

  • "Good seminar"

  • "Very informative! Very thorough"

  • "What an eye opener! I've only ever seen/heard of the buzzing hearing aids"

Seminar attendees found the following beneficial:

  • "Seeing how the ear works"

  • "Good summary of why hearing loss happens and the effects of untreated hearing loss"

  • "Clarifying the issues of deciphering speech that is heard but not understood"

  • "Information about new technology"

  • "Knowledge of the many different kinds of hearing devices"

  • "Explanation of hearing loss and internal ear diagram"

  • "Knowing that there is training available for people with hearing loss to retrain the ears to hear better"

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