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We are moved by the overwhelming response from our patients at the Community Appreciation Event on Friday, 8/27 in celebration of being voted Minnesota’s Best Hearing Center. Thank you very much for your support! Although it was raining, and we had to move the event inside the building, It was a huge success.

It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of the prize drawing from the attending entries of the Community Appreciation Event on Friday, 8/27. Congratulations to the following patients:

  • Dennis of Hudson, Won a Mini-Mic
  • Linda of Woodbury, Won a Mini-Mic
  • Mary of Woodbury, Won a Remote Control
  • Kathie of Woodbury, Won a Remote Control
  • 30+ patients had free hearing aid cleaning
  • 5 patients won trade-in value up to $1000
  • 10 patients won, saving up to $1000 for new hearing aids.

ReSound Mini Mic

A Mini-Mic

  • Significantly improves the signal-to-noise ratio in challenging listening situations for exceptional speech understanding
  • Extends the hearing range by up to 80 feet in a clear line of sight
  • Ability to adjust volume and mute the streamed sound
  • Drop control automatically mutes the sound signal momentarily when dropped above 3 feet

ReSound Mini Remote Control

A Mini Remote Control

  • Easily adjust hearing aid volume
  • Easily change programs

Again, thank you very much again for voting us Minnesota’s Best Hearing Center and awarding us the title of 2021 Gold Winner! We are honored and humbled to have such wonderful patients that truly feel like family. We could not have made this achievement without the support of valued patients like you. We will continue on our mission to enhance the quality of life for individuals and our community by providing comprehensive hearing care and therapeutic tinnitus treatment.

I also encourage you to tell us how we can serve you even better, so that we can continue gain our patient’s trust, support, and possibly the title of Minnesota’s Best Hearing Center 2022 Gold Winner!

With gratitude,

Jerry Zhou, Ph.D.