Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)
  • For mild to moderately-severe hearing loss
  • Smallest custom hearing aids available
  • Fits inside the ear canal
  • Nearly invisible
In-the-Canal (ITC)
  • For mild to moderately-severe hearing loss
  • Slightly visible in the ear
  • Moderate power
  • More venting options
  • Volume control available
  • Better sense of direction
In-the-Ear (ITE)
  • For mild to severe hearing loss
  • Available in Full Shell
  • Available in Half Shell
  • Visible in the ear
  • More power available
  • Better sense of direction
Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
  • For mild to profound hearing loss
  • Available in multiple models and sizes
  • Now available in nearly invisible, small sizes
  • All components contained in a case that is worn behind the ear
  • May be barely visible depending on case color and earmold color
  • Available with Open-Fit Technology
Hearing aids are medical devices. The seletion of hearing aids involves an audiometric and scientific evaluation process of your hearing, your hearing needs and life style, in addition to your budget. Just contact us by phone, or email, or online form, or visit us. Our expert hearing care professional will make the most suitable suggestions to you based upon the hearing loss, hearing situations, the life style, and your budget, to help you make the decision to benefit you or your loved one.
In addition to
  • State-of-the-Art Digital Hearing Aids,
We also offer the following:
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • TV Ears Infrared System for Home and Public Facilities
  • Amplified and Caption Telephones
  • FM Systems/Blue Tooth
  • Hearing Aid Accessories
  • Batteries
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance Kits
  • Custom Earmolds
  • Swim Plugs
  • Noise Protection Devices
  • Musician Ear Plugs

Hearing Aid Devices

We have partnered with the worlds top leading major hearing aid manufacturers, in order to provide new digital technology hearing aids to our patients. We offer hearing devices from almost all major manufacturers, and we also partner with smaller manufactures for special needs cases. We provide the best technologies at the very best value, to suite your unique hearing needs and lifestyle.

  - World's Smartest Hearing Aids - LiNX
  - Wireless Hearing Aids - Verso & Alera
  - Traditional Hearing Aids
  - CIC (Completely In the Canal)
  - ITC (In The Canal)
  - ITE (In the Ear)
  - BTE (Behind The Ear)
Products by Style (each of the above product family has the following styles):
Products by Manufacturers:
Other Products:
What to Choose? and How?

ReSound LiNX™ 

Everything you need. And more of what you love.

Imagine that everything you hear is vivid, and natural. Imagine speech that’s clear, and easy to understand. Imagine wireless stereo headphones for your iPhone® that just happen to be your hearing aids. You’ve only just begun to imagine ReSound LiNX™.

Personalized just for you
Yours and yours alone …
We will customize your ReSound LiNX to precisely match your hearing loss and perfectly suit your life.
But not only that …

More reasons to love it …
Imagine balancing the tone of a concert or a conversation ‘til it sounds just right. Or finding your lost hearing aids – just like that! The ReSound Smart™ app does all that – and much, much more.

The world´s smartest hearing aid

Made for iPhone
ReSound LiNXTM hearing aids are Made for iPhone, which means they connect directly to your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. And that you can connect to what you love.

It will change your life
Because not only is it about streaming voices and videos. It’s also about the more than 700,000 apps in the App StoreSM. Each one with the potential to delight and amaze. Each one streamed directly to ReSound LiNX.

Hear more with ReSound Unite

ReSound Unite - a unique wireless system
Making hearing aids wireless was a brilliant idea.
But not all wireless hearing aids are equal.
Find out why ReSound’s are best-in-class.

So much to hear
Follow more conversation. Enjoy more music. Set your own personal volume when you watch TV with family and friends – so everyone can hear comfortably. Hear more. Connect more.

BreakthroughTruly Wireless Hearing Devices!!  - ReSound Verso & Alera

The legacy hearing aids are pre-wireless products that did not have wireless connectivity, but they were designed for maximum value and performance. For example, the Live by ReSound hearing aid is a stellar example of hearing enhancement innovation. Comfortable and inobtrustive, They are built for years of dependable, affordable hearing assistance. This quality hearing aid can handle most ordinary hearing situations, making it possible for the user to hear difficult sounds and participate in conversations with ease.

Hearing Aid Feature and Fit
The legacy hearing aid is a multi-configuration unit, which means it can be ordered in either in-the-ear or behind-the-ear form factors.

These hearing aids do not have the new advancements of the newer technologies. If you're seeking the  hearing aid value, Live by ReSound hearing aid is a good choice.

To learn more about the legacy products visit the website by clicking here.
Traditional Non-wireless - Legacy Hearing Aids
Call (651) 528-7868 for hearing evaluation
Hearing of America
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           World's Smartest Hearing Aids!!  - ReSound LiNX - Made for iPhone
ReSound Verso™ & Alera™ deliver a rich and clear surround sound experience.

You’ll really appreciate it when you’re deep in conversation and there’s a lot going on around you.

•  Understand speech better, even when there’s background noise
•  Automatically adjusts to changing sound environments
•  Experience a phone call or a hug without whistling or buzzing in your ear
•  Enjoy music that’s as clear and pure as it’s supposed to sound
•  The world’s first truly wireless hearing device that connects you directly to your TV/Stereo and mobile phone

  • Verso by ReSound™is the 2nd generation of wireless hearing aids, and Alera by ReSound™ is the first generation
We are proudly the certified dispenser of the world's top 6 hearing aid manufacturers. The top 6 are leading the hearing aid industry with intensive audiology research and technology research. They are simply the best of the world in hearing aid, and we only fit the best. Period.
Hearing of America = BBB A+