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Hearing loss is very common
More than 36 million Americans have some type of hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by normal aging, health conditions, noise exposure, or some external damages. It can occur gradually, or as a sudden symptom. It can be conductive, sensorineural, or mixed.

Being hearing impaired can be a very significant health problem
With hearing loss;
  • You may have difficulties hearing conversations with others, especially in crowds.

  • You may feel isolated in social gatherings, or family activities.

  • Often it becomes too challenging to keep up with life around you.

  • You may suffer from sadness and depression, worry and anxiety, less social activity, or emotional turmoil and insecurity.

Hearing loss will most likely get worse as time goes by, so preparing yourself to slow down the rate of hearing deterioration is key to a healthy and happy life.

What does Hearing of America offer?
At Hearing of America (HOA), 
  • We proudly provide practical and quality hearing care solutions for people to hear better, and enjoy their lives to the fullest

  • We have partnered with leading hearing instrument manufacturers to provide a variety of innovative hearing instruments to meet your hearing loss levellistening needs, and budget.  

  • We also offer customized in-home hearing care services for those who have difficulties going to a clinic for appointments. 

  • Our hearing care professionals are the best in the hearing care field.

  • Our services are unique, and the service quality is exceptional. 

  • We employ advanced computerized ultra-miniature audiometry equipment, and digital hearing aid technology to serve our patient's individual  needs.

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What Hearing of America Does for You

We specialize in providing compassionate, personalized, and life-style focused hearing care services with the highest degree of integrity and total customer satisfaction

1. Convenient Appointment
Call us at 651-528-7868 or contact us on-line for an appointment. Our courteous office staff will answer your questions and give you the best arrangement of the appointment either for an in-office service or an in-home service.

2. Hearing Evaluation & Consultation
You will receive a physical exam of your ears, and a suite of hearing tests with our state-of-the-art audiometry equipment. We will empower you with knowledge of the hearing, your hearing loss, and hearing aid technologies.

3. Hearing Aid Selection
You will then receive our personalized treatment plan based on your hearing losslistening needs, and budget. The suitable hearing aids will then be ordered for your unique needs, and the next appointment for a fitting will be scheduled.

4. Initial Fitting and Aural Rehabilitation
Once we receive the devices from the manufacturer you will be fitted with the personalized devices. They will be fine tuned to your specific hearing loss, and physical comfort. This will help  you hear speech with superior sound quality, and provide listening comfort. We also start a customized 3-phased Aural Rehabilitation Program to not only help your ears hear better, but also help your brain understand the sensory signals easier

5. Further Fittings
One week follow-up,  3 week follow-up, and more as needed. You will be followed up with real-ear measurements for the hearing aid performance. We monitor and guide your rehabilitation progress closely, and conduct more follow-up's as necessary. 

6. Sixty-Day Trial
You have a 60 day trial period. We are very confident you will be totally satisfied with your new hearing aids, but if for some reason you are not, we will refund your purchase per Minnesota state law.

7. Six-Month Follow up
You will receive a 6-month follow up appointment in order to ensure your aids are cleaned, and in excellent working condition.

8. Yearly Hearing Evaluation
Every year you will be re-evaluated with a new hearing test to monitor hearing loss. Also, your hearing aids will be checked and cleaned so that they are working properly for you.

We understand you may have questions, so we have prepared answers for you. 
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
If you still  have questions, or if you are ready to take the next step, contact us. 
Contact us by phone (651-528-7868), email, or stop in and visit us. 

Our friendly professional hearing specialists are ready to assist you. 
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